There was a time when all beer was organic. These days, chemically treated fertilizers and pesticides are the norm in barley and hop cultivation. This contamination is the main reason we here at Scandal Brewing choose to brew organic, a scandalous concept in today's market. Not to mention, brewing organic supports organic farmers while each consumer that switches to organic beer contributes to the amount of land that is organically farmed - a process that takes seven years to be certified. By daring to use organic ingredients, Suddly and the brew team can better control what goes into your beer and as his name states, Brew Right. In many farms, chemicals sprayed on the crops can also filter into the ground water, not in our brewery. Scandal Brewery sits on one of North America's largest uncontaminated water sources. Our spring water is tested daily and used untreated in each of our brews. By using the highest quality organic ingredients (certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association) and pure spring water, our brewhouse produces beer with such purity that even the Duke Of Bavaria himself would approve.

Hugh Hefeweisen